It's TOOTSIE meets I LOVE LUCY with a lot more Ricky Ricardo!


(this is a made for TV sitcom - running time 16 min.)


 Created and Written by: Jesenia The Comedian


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Pilot Synopsis:
Jesenia Cruz (Jesenia The Comedian) is a talented actress who will do anything it takes to be successful. Frustrated with the lack of "good" parts for Latina women - her Mother (Lisa Velez-Mello) tries to help and points out an open call audition for a popular TV series "Crime Law and Justice", only the open call is solely looking for Latino Men. So, with the help of her crazy make-up artist cousin, Sonia Cruz (Sofia Rodriguez), she decides to take matters into her own hands and audition for the part as a MAN! Bringing "Ricardo Montalban" to life at the audition and landing her the part on the hit TV series and the roller coaster, gender-bending ride begins!


Episode One Cast:
Jesenia The Comedian, Lisa Velez-Mello, Sofia Rodriguez, Mario Corry, Giordona Aviv, Sean Morales, Jenni Ruiza, Michael Simmons, Dwayne McGleese, John Sartori, Brian Michael, Christina Tyler, Ronnetta Renay and Joel Perez.


Episode One Crew:

Contributing Writers: Jenni Ruiza and Mike Andrews
Produced by: Jesenia The Comedian and Jenni Ruiza
In conjunction with: Mako San Productions, LLC
Directed by: Damian Bailey
Director of Photography: Tony Clomax
Assistant Director: Ren Humphrey 

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